Holiday Beach Family RV Park

New Hamburg, Ontario

Holiday Beach Family RV Park is a campground / RV park located in New Hamburg. Holiday Beach, established since the mid 1960's, is family owned and operated . From two generations, we take great pride in maintanining a clean, modern and safe campground, providing you with a family atmosphere to relax in, have fun, and to just enjoy the simpler things in life. Fifteen miles West of Kitchener, Ontario, we have a 27 acre lake with a sandy beach, catch and release fishing, swimming, canoeing, and paddle boats.

Nearby restaurants include McDonald's Restaurants, Tim Hortons, Jake & Humphreys, and Le On Chinese Restaurant.

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Photo of Holiday Beach Family RV Park
1652 Puddicombe Road
New Hamburg
N3A 2Z4

Tel: (519) 662-1475

Reviews for Holiday Beach Family RV Park, New Hamburg

4 / 10 based on 13 reviews

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4 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating
Sat 24 Jun 2017
Staff / Service: 1
Location: 4
Cleanliness: 4
Value for money: 2

Positives: Clean

Negatives: Customer service

Comments: Customer service is lacking by owners and are difficult to deal with.

9 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating
Fri 05 May 2017
Staff / Service: 10
Location: 7
Cleanliness: 10
Value for money: 10

Positives: Great family owned property
Clean and well-maintained
Can Swimmin either the lake or the pool
Great service
Great prices

Negatives: A little quiet
Could have more activities

Comments: Always a great time!

1 OUT OF 10 rating
Mon 01 Aug 2016
Staff / Service: 4
Location: 6
Cleanliness: 1
Value for money: 1

Negatives: 1. They don't care about you, no service
2. You have to pay for showers (1$- 3 min.)
3. water is not drinking quality

Comments: It's tough because a couple workers seem like good people, but if you want a place that genuinely cares about you and their service to you- stay away. The owners are predominant in that they care more about your money than you. The showers that you have to pay for don't work properly and will take your money, one worker made my son upset lying to him about fixing showers/paying him back (he is 8) and there are "no refunds no exception". The park is kept to bare minimal to make sure the money comes in, the bathroom isn't kept stocked and genuinely there are two out of ten people who are nice. I can get into so many specifics as to the horrors of my stay but I just want to be clear-cut -you get what you pay for- cheap park, cheap (really no) service. Stay away.

10 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating
Thu 30 Jun 2016
Staff / Service: 6
Location: 10
Cleanliness: 8
Value for money: 10

Positives: Location & people

Negatives: Nothing to complain about.

Comments: Use to camp at holiday beach as a child, this was my 1st time back in 20 years. The park looks great! They have cleaned the beach up and was great for swimming, fishing and canoeing, they had a lot of activities going on this weekend, fire works, kids crafts horse shoe tournament, family bbq. Great experience, my kids loved as did we so much so as we put an offer in on a trailer for sale! Most reviews on line are very negative and years old and I was nervous to go because of them but honestly it was clean, the staff was helpful, and the people were very friendly! Hoping they except our offer but if not we will definitely be doing more weekend camping!

10 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating
Thu 09 Jun 2016
Staff / Service: 10
Location: 10
Cleanliness: 10
Value for money: 10

Positives: Open

Negatives: Store hours

Comments: Very nice

8 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating
Sun 15 May 2016
Staff / Service: 7
Location: 10
Cleanliness: 10
Value for money: 9

Positives: Price , location , cleanliness

Negatives: Debit machines

Comments: Very clean. People are great . Lots to do. Prices are very reasonable

9 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating
Thu 20 Sep 2012
Staff / Service: 8
Location: 10
Cleanliness: 8

Positives: People are great. Grounds well kept

Negatives: campers not being respectful

Comments: It is a shame that when you are speeding through the park at 20-30 km and it is stated clearly that it is only 10km, you find fault of the campers and employees. If you were not speeding through park it would have been fine. Campers come in and completetely ignore the rules and disrespect the seasonl campers by partying till wee hours of the night and making huge messes for the park to clean up. Holiday beach is a nice parl. been there two years straight and do not plan on leaving.

1 OUT OF 10 rating
Fri 03 Aug 2012
Staff / Service: 1
Location: 7
Cleanliness: 1

Comments: Disappointed in this campground. Not very welcoming to their transient campers.
Both management and seasonal campers would benefit from some "Anger Management" classes.
After waiting 15 minutes for our "escort" to our campsite, we followed the wrong golf cart and were verbally abused by the absolutely obnoxious owner.
Not to mention they switched a campsite we pre-booked to a less desirable site, showers didn't work, campground smells of disgusting sewage and an "employee" flagged us down for allegedly speeding in the park, dropping F-bombs in front of the kids.

Could be a great campground if it was better looked after. Big sites and lots of trees.
Unfortunately, we wont be returning. Hope you have a better experience.

1 OUT OF 10 rating
Fri 01 Jul 2011
Staff / Service: 1
Location: 3
Cleanliness: 2

Comments: so we were excited to have found this park to stay for this long weekend with our friends. The first night went fine, but the next day it all started to go down hill. We were making breakfast and we noticed that our electricity went out. The husbands checked it out and found that the parks breaker had went out. So i proceded to go up to the office (which is run by a bunch of teenage girls) and told them what had happened. We got the owner on the phone who proceeded to lecture me on using 2 appliances at once (a coffee maker and an electric frying pan) and said that she didn't know when she could have somebody out to flip the breaker since they didnt have anyone there fulltime to look after the maintenance on a long weekend, no less! And also told me that it better not happen again or there will be a charge for someone coming out to flip a simple breaker.
So the husband comes around and the husbands try to explain to him that our trialer breaker should have gone before theirs and he told them (with attitiude) not to argue with him and that 2 appliances is to much and that each of then use more than 15 amps each! Yeah the owners are real winners all right Plus their so called beach is the fiithiest excuse for a lake as i have ever seen!.
We will never go there again

1 OUT OF 10 rating
Wed 11 May 2011
Staff / Service: 1
Location: 1
Cleanliness: 1

Positives: The picture we took of the trailer leaving the park

Negatives: staying

Comments: Stay away - camper's beware!!! This park will stress you to the max. We just bought our trailer
in Aug/10 and thought we would leave it in the park with the intentions of staying for the 2011 season until
closing weekend when our car was hit by an associate of the park, who was parked on our
site and intoxicated. We called the police to make sure we were covered with an accident
report to take to insurance. The owner's vouched for this individual claiming "he was a
good guy". That did not turn out to be the case and that is a whole other story.

The owner's did not show any concern for what happened and turned on us (as did other park
members who are also buddies with the owners) for calling the police. Our children could
have been hit by this person and that scared us, so we asked to remove our trailer from the
park. We were told that the park was closed and that our request would not be granted.
We were shocked!! The weather was beautiful for 2 weeks following the closing weekend, but
apparently all the staff clears out - just one of the many lies we received. Her responses
to our emails (which was the only correspondence since she refused to talk on the phone or in
person) took days, and were always dripping in sarcasm and implied that we were somehow to
blame in all of this.
The only offer they attempted with a "take it or leave it" was to let them remove all our items from
the site and the trailer and park them inside the gate and at a time that suited only them we
could come and pick up our belongings. We were then told that we would have to decide if we
"trusted" them because they were not going to allow us to witness the move of our property.
As we got into April we again tried to ask if we could get a date confirmed for
removal but the grounds were to wet to set a date. Now it is May less than 2 weeks to opening
day and again we tried to confirm a date. We had a few days of nice weather and thought things
were looking good. Her reply "Just because the rain stops doesn't mean the ground magically drys
up". She then tells us the exact measurements of sod that will have to be brought to repair dead
grass. In regards to the refund owed to us, she would have to see if she would have time and
that it wouldn't turn everyone's day upside down. A true example of how we were treated since
Oct/10 came out in one of her last correspondence's with us, keeping in mind all we want is our
property back and a date and time confirmed. "I have more work than I can handle, and, I have
no time to chat using special words to humour you". Isn't she a gem???
Finally, yesterday after all of this grief with this woman, we got our trailer removed from this
terrible place.
Throughout this ordeal we sought help with the police, the Better Business Bureau and the
Campground Association, who all tried to help but there was nothing they could do. We were up against a
pro at screwing people over. This experience has been horrible and I will tell everyone I know and
people I don't know that this park is awful and has no right to use the word family in it's
name. My advice to anyone entertaining this park as a place to reside think again and read
the other reviews, with similar stories like ours. This park is not safe for children and
should be avoided.

4 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating
Fri 25 Sep 2009

Comments: They were suppose to be open until the 10th of October, the owners were on vacation, Friday, the worker had to let us in, no water or washrooms until Sunday and we had to find someone to open the wash rooms when they finally found the key and no outhouses to back us up. No information, left after two days. Also, the hot tub was not open. I could understand the pool but the hot tub? We went home to get into ours and will not go back to New Hamburg again. Very dissapointed.

1 OUT OF 10 rating
Thu 14 Aug 2008
Staff / Service: 1
Location: 4
Cleanliness: 4
Value for money: 1

Positives: absolutely none

Negatives: too many to list.

Comments: Just bought a trailer and was looking for a park to call my second home when I came across site. I stayed here as a camper back in 2008, after reading these reviews I had flashbacks of leaving after 1 night first thing in the morning. The seasonal trailer owners are trailer park trash!!! camping 1 night felt like jerry springer episode. we were told off with very fowl language for going the speed limit but they said it was too fast.. I was in first gear for gods sake how fast can you be going in 1st gear!! The next morning we found McDonalds garbage outside of our tents, before we had the chance to report it the supervisor on site came over and said we were not supposed to throw our garbage... after we told them we didn't even leave the site the entire night/morning (which they can verify) let alone eat McDonalds as we are CAMPING! they continued to blame us. Just reading some of the other reviews, its absolutely hilarious they complain about speeding but being a belligerent drunk with a nasty mouth and swearing in front of kids is acceptable. I don't believe its about speeding because we were not speeding and we were there with small children, its about feeling superior.
I will never camp there EVER again, and not even consider putting my trailer in a park with a bunch of white trash trailer park hillbillies. I am from the east coast and I have seen my fair share of rednecks but these losers take the cake!!

1 OUT OF 10 rating
Sat 20 May 2006
Staff / Service: 1
Location: 5
Cleanliness: 1

Positives: Leaving the park.

Negatives: Deciding to stay at the park for an extended period of time.

Comments: Anything but a Holiday! This is my first experience with a Trailer Park and now probably my last. In my opinion this park has all the amenities of a theme park from Hell! The owner and her lackeys have no idea how to treat a person let alone a client in their park. If you are considering camping here for any amount of time - Stop and reconsider. They charge $3.00 per guest on top of their already ridiculously high seasonal fees totalling almost $2000.00 (two thousand dollars) (winter storage fees included) For a kiddie pool, a hot whirlpool they classify a hot tub, a manmade lake that has more vegetation growing in it then the forest that surrounds the park, that is if algae is considered vegetation. Outdated shower facilities, $10.00 for a bag of campfire wood, overpriced, outdated no name brand items in the “tuck shop” , a hay ride with no hay, and the list of crap they believe is worth your hard earned $2000.00 goes on. Then when you finally realize what you have gotten yourself into and you want to pull out…. WHOA! I don’t know if this offends them, or if they’re worried about losing more on their mortgage payments, or what but be prepared for a fight - they have tried to pull a number of their clients over the proverbial campfire coals on their way out - the local New Hamburg Police have been called out to the park numerous times because these people try to keep your property and then spew lies about you once the police arrive, they make up all sorts of overpriced repair bills for damages on the site you used, and just give you a very difficult time. Then when you think you have finally reached some sort of resolution it starts all over again. Unless you consider the word holiday to be pure mental anguish and financial discomfort - People BEWARE of this “Holiday Trap”.

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