Mink Lake Resort & Campground

Carvel, Alberta

Mink Lake Resort & Campground is a campground / RV park located in Carvel.

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Box 29
Site 23


Tel: (780) 963-8264

Reviews for Mink Lake Resort & Campground, Carvel

5 / 10 based on 18 reviews

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1 OUT OF 10 rating
Sat 27 Jun 2015
Staff / Service: 2
Location: 4
Cleanliness: 1
Value for money: 1

Positives: The lake only smells like sewage if the wind blows your direction.

Negatives: Its like being jammed in the middle of a small town bar on new years eve, except with hundreds of people.

Comments: Fun place to get hammered and stay up all night. HORRIBLE place to bring the family. My kids have been subjected to more of lifes darkside in one evening at Mink Lake than they have in their entire lives. My fault for doing no research before booking here. Just a heads up- NOT a family campground.
We spent our first hour here today cleaning up broken glass from our site. Now im selfishly hoping that the 70's rock will die down sometime before we wake up.....

1 OUT OF 10 rating
Fri 10 May 2013
Staff / Service: 1
Location: 1

Positives: Leaving the campsite at the end of the weekend

Negatives: Everything

Comments: Worst campsite ever, very expensive for low quality... it's basically a field by a lake. The firewood was very expensive, staff was a bunch of young kids who drank at night and drove crazy during the day. The restrooms were dirty there was garbage everywhere, I tried to leave because I wasn't happy and they wouldn't reimburse my money...... by far the worst campground I have ever seen.... I would rather camp in a ditch!!! DO NOT STAY HERE

10 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating
Sat 04 May 2013
Staff / Service: 10
Location: 10
Cleanliness: 8
Value for money: 10

Positives: All accomodation we need was there

Comments: Awesome place, very quiet so we can enjoy the sun during the day and relax at night!! We gonna come every years now

5 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating rating
Thu 05 Jul 2012
Staff / Service: 3
Location: 7
Cleanliness: 2

Positives: Convenience, endless list of amenities.

Negatives: Staff drive like idiots making the safety of the kids playing outside questionable, dirty washroom, dirty beach, expensive firewood.

My husband has affectionately coined this campground as "stink lake".

Comments: Family owned, perhaps. Family orientated? Not so much.
Keep driving. There has to be something better nearby.

Safety and cleanliness are our main priorities, we didn't find either here.
We took our kids to the playground. The kids were playing tag on lawn when out of nowhere a white chev truck came flying out from between the trees, down the slope through the park, past the playground towards the beach. I would estimate the speed at between 40-45km. It was a female staff member unloading a picnic table from the back of her truck. She got out, unloaded the truck and slammed it in reverse, back up the slope. This time she slowed down to perhaps 30km. Evidently the 10km/hr speed limit within the campground applied to patrons only.

The beach was disgusting. Dog feces, goose feces and bugs. The sand below the water mucky and like the others had said, like quick sand.

The washrooms and showers were filthy. Complete with dirt, debris (razors, lids, wrappers, etc) and had a foul odor. We don't feel it's snobbery to expect a clean shower/washroom facility.

The conveniences are: a store filled with just about everything one could need, including liquor and beer. There's laundry, an arcade, fuel, propane and packages of about 8 log of firewood for $8.00. Sani-dump station located at the top of a hill so that when there's a spill it only runs into 1-2 campsites. A go-cart track made on grass and tires and a tired, sad mini-golf.

There is so much potential for this campground to be a beautiful, safe place to visit. Perhaps a little added common sense and a cleaning or maintenance schedule would make a world of difference.

I wish I would have read the reviews prior to coming here but got drawn in by the notion of a lake, mini golf, etc.

2 OUT OF 10 rating rating
Sun 01 Jul 2012
Staff / Service: 2
Location: 10
Cleanliness: 1
Value for money: 2

Negatives: Outhouse was filthy
unable to access power and water outlets that we paid for

Comments: We had camped here the September long weekend of 2011 and the entire family had a blast. I booked 2 campsites with power and water side by side for us and my son's family. We were charged for 2 sites with power and water, however someone else was plugged into my son's outlet so he had no access to power and someone somewhere else had a hose running from our water tap so we had no access to water. The out house was atrocious. I entered it eary on Saturday morning only to find that someone had thrown up all over the bench and seat. I had to hold my breath and attempt to clean this up. Later that evening I again went to the outhouse only to see that someone with muddy feet had straddled the seat and attempted to urinate down the hole. Needless to say that didn't work to well. After returning to Edmonton after that fiasco I e-mailed my issues to the administration at Mink Lake but almost a year later have received no response what so ever. Not even an apology.

10 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating
Fri 01 Apr 2011
Staff / Service: 10
Location: 10
Cleanliness: 8

Positives: MY HOME, i grew up here. and will keep going until the place goes dry.

Negatives: ignorant people who expect 5 star accomodations

Comments: this place is my second home, i grew up here.. to those who feel that the lake is full of sooooo many negative, you should second guess, its a family oriented place, the whole camp itself is a family. growing up there i have notice soo many changes, i take none to heart, i wont let a silly "loud party" ruin my stay. i disregard it, people are there to be away from the city and let loose, have fun. people these days are so narrow minded in the fact that CLEANLINESS is a must. its a like for rats rear!! its not like the city. people who expect to stay clean there are either germaphobic or are out of their mind. and complain about the lake being like quicksand. there is nothing the camp owners can do, they dont own the water!! come on people look past your nose. look beyond the exterior. its a fun place.. dont hate because its not a Hilton Hotel!!

10 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating
Thu 23 Dec 2010
Staff / Service: 10
Location: 10
Cleanliness: 10

Positives: Fantastic people and great staff.

Negatives: None

Comments: My family has been coming to Mink Lake for more than 10 years. We enjoyed our stays there so much that we wanted to become seasonals. We have been seasonals now for about 5 years. The atmosphere is fantastic and the people out there are like family. This is where we spend our summer vacations every year and I wouldn't change it. I cannot say enough positive about this lake. I have seen nothing but positive change every year out there. If you are looking for a fun safe environment for your family vacation this is it.

10 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating
Tue 21 Dec 2010
Staff / Service: 10
Location: 10
Cleanliness: 10

Positives: ITS ALL GOOD



9 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating
Mon 30 Aug 2010
Staff / Service: 10
Location: 10
Cleanliness: 5

Positives: staff treat you like they have known you for years

Negatives: the people who own mink lake should think about thing take into account that it is a family campgroung and should catter to the kids get a better play park and do some thing about the beach grate it in the morning and try and clean an area where they can play in the water and on the sand .... Keep the kids happy and you keep the parents comming .They should think about changing there stalk around and remember there are locals as well as campers the mark up sucks big time $6.oo for milk come onnnnnnnn

Comments: My general experience at Mink Lake was great the staff were great

1 OUT OF 10 rating
Wed 04 Aug 2010
Staff / Service: 1
Location: 6
Cleanliness: 1

Positives: the lake was nice but.....

Negatives: the lake was like quick sand!!!! Whatch kids closly the will get stuck and can't move!!!
dump looking!!!!
won't get your stall!!!!

Comments: My family went on a vacation trying to supprot alberta traveling boy did we do wrong should have went to B.C. At least there it would be clean. We arrived and really drove by the first time thinking it was just a gas station, should have keep going lol.But we were told by family that it was a nice lake, after checking we frist found the stalls to be small then moving on to the next day we had campers move beside us they were really nice but I felt bad when we found an Old fridge and it looked to be a dump behind them WOW thats sooo not safe for anyone and if I have to pay for a stall it should be clean tarps were set to block the view and to protect the kids for trying to play there.
Well even though it was messy and small we had family comming for a birthday party for my sooon to be 4 year old so we decided to stay longer which we said we would in the beganing so went to pay for more nights found out our stall was taken so we had to move by thursday.O.K but where they said sure have a spot for you but none of the staff new where it was so played mini golf then they figgered it out WHAT A DUMP for golf everything was broken. after our so called game went to find out what was going on they still didn't know. so we keep our own spot payed for it they said yep good move in morring found out it was taken in morring NOW what they kicked us out of one and gave our other one away after we paid for it HOW RUDE!!!!! WE drove home soooo Mad at the way we were treated and didn't want little kids to come to party there so we drove 700 km home...

What a JOKE will never come there again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating rating rating rating
Thu 10 Jun 2010
Staff / Service: 8
Location: 10
Cleanliness: 8

Comments: I stayed out at Mink lake for 4 days this summer,Checking in I found it to be a little crazy but I could see that the staff certainly were trying to pass everyone through the best they could.I found the staff to be quite pleasent and tried to work as quick and efficent as possible to show us to our site.I had stayed there once about 3 years ago and from then to now I find it has changed from night to day.I was up early to see the staff doing there best to have the outhouses and what not cleaned before everyone was up.The park was nice to the kids and the people were very nice. From what I heard there is a new manager the took over a few years ago and has and is continueing to make positive changes in the park. My overall expirence was great,My kids and family enjoyed a wonderful camping trip and would for sure return!

5 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating rating
Tue 01 Jun 2010
Staff / Service: 3
Location: 10
Cleanliness: 4

Positives: Atmosphere is nice the other campers are great, fun activities for the kids Halloween in august is a hit!!!

Negatives: not kept up enough!!! Manager is always drunk!!!

Comments: We have lake lot at mink lake that we stay at almost every year but this year has been out of control and I mostly mean the Manager he is completly drunk by 5 in the afternoon he goes around yelling at people for no reason. kids are scared of him, he drives drunk on a golf cart do not recomend the place anymore it has fabulous potential but the manager ruins it for everyone!!!

2 OUT OF 10 rating rating
Sat 15 May 2010
Staff / Service: 2
Location: 3
Cleanliness: 1

Comments: The campsite they gave me was so small I could not put out my slide or awning. There was no grass or gravel in my spot when it rained the whole site just turned into a big mud hole.

I went to use the public washroom there was poop smeared all over the toilet seat.

There is a lot better camp spots in the area I would avoid this one.

2 OUT OF 10 rating rating
Tue 13 Apr 2010
Staff / Service: 2
Location: 2
Cleanliness: 1


2 OUT OF 10 rating rating
Fri 15 Aug 2008

Comments: Family campground my eye! It was more like spring break in Florida. Checking in was a joke, unless I was buying booze I was ignored. When I finally got someone's attention they didn't know how to read the note book that contained my reservation. Got to my site only to discover that it was 15 amp not 30 as per my request. (Evidently the manager is the only one who knows where the 30 amp sites are; he has them hidden. The staff were nothing short of rude when I went in to explain that I did not have a 30 amp site and the site I did have had no electricity at all) Site was so small I couldn't put out my side extention because it would have been in the next site. I could only have my canopy out half way as it was. Finally got to sleep around 1 am. Good thing security was there to keep the noise down at 10 pm as it says in the rules (that you're supposed to read and sign when you check in).
The wife and daughter went up to the showers in the morning only to come running back because they were so filthy they couldn't shower in them. Hair and filth up the walls and mud all over the floors.
We left that morning to find a real campground. The real kicker came with the comment "You made the reservation until Sunday, you're here until Sunday." Guess what, we're not and will never be at this campground again.

10 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating
Fri 25 Jul 2008

Comments: My family and I have camped at Mink lake twice this summer, one 10 day visit and one 2 day visit. We enjoyed both stays and would like to thank the staff for all their efforts.
When we had concearns they were always quck to act and resolve any problems we had, and I must mention they where very few. It takes alot of effort and time to provide the services they do with what they have, and they continue to strive to do better. I say hats off to all the staff, see you again.

Happy Camper's
We'll be back

4 OUT OF 10 rating rating rating rating
Fri 27 Jun 2008

Comments: we have been campers at this campground for several years now, regularly looking forward to a family camping experience. our last trip to mink lake will be our very last stay at the campground.there is a huge sign that says family camping...but thats bogu because they let anyone and everyone in. there were soo many teenagers camping alone, unattended with their music blasted all day and all night long. it was a big party fest. at night on the beach when it came time for fireworks, i was amazed there wasn't an accident! all the drunk kids around causing havoc among the families....very dissappointing.
as far as the new staff is concerned, i found them to be rude, inconsiderate and not a very good addition to the place.
i used to recommend it as a very nice place to go for a quiet retreat to busy city life, but no longer do i have very nice things to say.the prices have gone up, and the service has gone too far down. not worth my mmoney, or my time.
i will not go back.

2 OUT OF 10 rating rating
Sun 18 May 2008

Comments: the worst campsite it was not family friendly, 24 hr noise there was no control. the cars where speeding through the campground. the lake and beach was dirty.

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